This site was build with 2 purposes in mind:

  1. To teach people how to get their own website up and running.
  2. To make money from referring people to services that I personally use and recommend.

To be clear, the owner of this website will more than likely receive monetary compensation if you follow any outgoing links to any products or services and purchase them.

Although I do receive payments for my referrals, I also only recommend services that I use, like, recommend, or believe arr worthy of promotion.

All products, companies, services etc that I promote, I have almost always used myself in some capacity.

From time to I may promote something that I have not had personal experience with. Probably because I believe it could be useful to some people, but I personally may have no use for it.


If you do not like the fact that I am making money out of helping people build websites, please feel free to leave my site.