28 Freelance Writing Jobs

People do freelance writing for various reasons. Some may do this for earning extra income so as to pay off grocery and other bills. Some may do this to build their portfolio. Others may do this with a long term goal of developing their blogs, having back-links and so on. Whatever the reason may be, there are a couple of well established fields that have opened up in the online world for you as a freelance writer. Writing is an acquired skill which, if developed, can be put to work and enable you to earn.

In order for you to select what kind of writing task you want to go in for, you need to know and understand what skill sets you have. For instance, a person who may be able to write an article may not be able to write a creative copy and vice versa. You would be the best judge of yourself and your talent.

In the online world, there are various websites that enable freelance writers to connect with companies and business houses.

Modus operandi of the freelance sites:

Normally, you register and put up your skill sets, qualifications and so on. Based on your skill sets and what you have opted for, you will receive emails containing links to the offer / brief that the companies and business houses would have displayed on the same site.

Once you land on the relevant page where the link led you, read the offer / brief in detail. It is important that you read the description, do not skip it if it is long. Read all the details. It is ethical to stick to the brief and later on, not try to get the businesses into discussing on what is required. Of course, if there is no detail or over and above what is provided and you need more information, and then by all means you could ask them. You may not get complete information while you bid, due to the confidential nature of the information. However, you need to have a basic idea of what is required and what will it take for you to complete the task. You need to decide if the task is meant for you.

Once you are sure that you can manage the task, you will then be required to place a bid with a little write up on what you can provide via your writings.

Post your bid, if you do get approved, then you have to proceed and complete the task.

Many a times, you may have wondered what the freelance online avenues are, for you. Below is an exhaustive list of freelance writing jobs that you could look at.

As a freelance writer what can you do?

  • Article writing
  • Article rewriting
  • Blogging
  • Reviews of products / services / websites / software applications
  • Copy writing / creative writing
  • Content writing for websites / portals
  • Newsletter writing
  • E-books
  • Ghost writing / anonymous writing / given copyrights to another party
  • Academic writing
  • Online editing
  • Forum posting
  • Grant writing
  • Medical writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Proofreading
  • Report writing
  • Research writing
  • Resume writing
  • Speech writing
  • Technical writing
  • Translation
  • Travel writing
  • Wiki writing
  • Sales letter
  • Fundraising appeal
  • Data entry
  • Captcha