Working From Home: What Are the Advantages?

For many, home is now not just the place where you return to at night to sleep and rest after a day full of work. In fact, it has become the place from where you begin your daily professional work! In recent times, the conventional culture of working in an office has changed a lot. There has been a sudden increase in the amount of home-based workers. Not only do employees prefer this kind of an arrangement, but traditional employers too find many advantages to having employees working from home, which has caused them to change their approach towards hiring new employees.

Main benefits:

1.      Retaining of employees – If your company’s best Marketing Executive goes on maternity leave, then it is probably going to be very difficult to find someone to replace her. But when she agrees to work from home, you will still be able to retain your best employee. Hence, an arrangement to let your employees work from home helps you to ensure that your talent pool is intact, and that you do not have to constantly keep recruiting new people in place of old ones. The workflow also remains smooth as old employees do not have to pass the work to new ones, and will be handling it themselves.

2.      Lesser Infrastructure Costs – A greaternumber of home based employees as compared to regular ones will mean that you need less office space, which in turn, implies lesser rent costs, lesser electricity bills, lesser office stationery costs and lesser purchase of equipment, such as computers etc.

3.      More Motivated Employees – At home, there is no scope for office politics, and employees wasting time gossiping with each other. When an individual at home is working and knows that he/she has to meet a deadline, he/she will do it without any kind of distraction. Besides, there will be no sick leaves or emergency leaves that an employee will be taking, and he/she will be working from a comfortable environment, giving you better efficiency and good results.

4.      Other advantages – When you give the liberty to your employees to work from home, then chances are that they would charge lesser salaries as compared to regular ones. For home-based employees, traveling costs are no concern. Also, you can even have students and other freshers working as part-time employees, thereby increasing the variety of employees you have.

Why Employees Like This Arrangement:

Having employees working from home gives the employer a lot of advantages. Similarly, employees too like this arrangement better, as they feel that this gives them more flexibility and freedom to manage their personal and professional lives together. Working mothers especially feel that they are easily able to manage kids; household chores and office work all at the same time, when they know that they don’t have to travel to an office every day.

Of course, employees also like the fact that they don’t have to spend on transportation daily, which gives them better savings. There is lesser stress and anxiety, and they are able to concentrate more on the work, which leads to better productivity.