How to Write for Wikipedia

Wikipedia, famously called a Wiki, is a free online encyclopaedia. It is user-generated content. The purpose and mission of Wiki is to bring knowledge to people in their language across the world. Wiki works on the premise of collaborated content generated by users. Wiki generates huge traffic on a daily basis. This is why in search results; you will find Wiki on a high rank.

The vast use of Wiki:

People who search on the Internet believe in what they read on the Wiki pages. There are people who are researching for their thesis and PhD’s, looking into Wiki for information. Anyone looking for information within their industry will take a glance through at Wiki. As a freelance writer, many a times you will find yourself relying on information provided to you via Wiki.

Wiki has content that is both academic and non-academic. Hence, you will find cross sections of society and culture accessing information.

Why your client is justified in wanting to be on Wiki:

Given this scenario, there is every reason why your clients will inquire if you can write on Wiki. To be a Wiki writer, it is extremely important for you to be conversant with its rules and regulations. For example, if you make a sales pitch on Wiki, not only you but your client’s business also stands a huge chance of being banned out of Wiki.

How to write for Wiki:

  • Before you start to write, do a search on Wiki. See what is already written on Wiki about the topic / subject that you are about to engage in.
  • Remember, millions of people have already written on Wiki about millions of topics and subjects. If, in your search, your article does not show up, consider if the thought on which you are about to write makes sense. Why will it not have been written about until now?
  • Once you are sure that you do need to write your article, then go ahead. Either you fit your article in an already existing Wiki page or create a new page.
  • Before submitting, remember to re-read, edit and then submit.

What you should know as a Wiki writer:

  • As a Wiki writer, you have a huge responsibility of writing matter, which stays within the rules and regulations of Wiki. You need to know what you are allowed to write and what you should not.
  • A good writer for Wiki always has an account with Wiki. Although Wiki allows people to edit without being registered, with registration, you will enjoy better Wiki features.
  • It is important that your writing is authentic and of a high quality. Remember that anyone can edit what you write. If you want that your head is held high, then pay attention to the matter you key in.
  • Many a times, articles that are not notable and verifiable are deleted.
  • Do not copy and paste information from other sites. This is content theft / plagiarism. The Wiki founder is extremely against this act.
  • Wiki writers form a cult, although not in a negative sense. Very experienced writers on Wiki are part of the Wiki community. They have a talk session via the talk page on Wiki. They discuss issues; they draw each other’s attention on content problems. In fact, they are key to forming / changing Wiki rules.
  • There is a huge list of trustees for Wiki.
  • In short, remember, Wiki is not an isolated stand-alone site where you can write and get away.

Now that you know what you are dealing with; to be a Wiki writer is an extremely niched idea. You will earn good money as all writers cannot pitch for Wiki projects. Here is your advantage!