Web Sites – The Wild Wild West

The World Wide Web other wise known as the Internet is out of control. With over 180 million web sites and over 20 trillion web pages, who is watching?

The FCC and The FTC can control some of the web but only if they receive enough complaints from consumers about possible fraudulent web sites, and even then they can only investigate so many.

Some payment processors will refuse to do business with any type of pyramid or matrix or ponzi type schemes, some multi-level marketing or get rich quick schemes.  Some of the lesser-known payment processor doesn’t care as long as they get their money (by way of fees charged) but if they get shut down because of their uncertain practices, there goes your money as well.

So what it the solution?

Quick answer – stick to good, solid, ethical and known businesses or create your own web site selling real products and services and avoid any and all get rich type schemes.

Any type or kind of cash leveraging, cash gifting, pyramid, matrix or “1 up” or “2 up” type of marketing plans do not stay in business very long. The originators start it up, run for as long as they can make a buck and either are shut down or they close it down after they made a certain amount of profit. Then they wait a couple of months and start another one with a new name and advertising campaign. This is a very vicious circle.

Over the last ten years we have seen program after program come on strong promising the moon, then 3 to 6 months later they are gone. If you happen to make a couple of bucks, good for you but once they take it off their servers, there goes your site and all the work you put into advertising it.

We know of one program (can’t say it’s name) that started selling a certain e-book in the year 2001, the owner started selling affiliate sites, and it took off. Once the sells slowed down to almost nothing, he pulled the program. Every one who bought the e-book and signed on to the affiliate program lost their site, affiliate ID – Poof! All gone.

Then a couple of years later, the owner starts it up again on another server, blast out an ad campaign, makes a bunch more money (every sale he gets a piece of) then Poof! After less than a year he closes it down again.

He reappeared in 2010 and is still selling right now, but just as before, when his sells slow down to a crawl, he will close down the program, wait a couple of more years then fire it up again. The fact is, it is legal. He is selling a product, an e-book, uses other people to also sell the e-book, but then when the sells slow down he just closes it down, waits until people have forgotten about it then starts it up again getting more people to buy into it all over again.

Be aware if these types of programs. We would like to tell you the name of the program, but lawsuits are for the dogs.

Just be careful how you do business on the Internet and find your very own niche.