Web Site Design

Think of your web site as your storefront. If you had a brick and mortar business, you would be sure that your store looked good. Good signage, clean windows, organized and appealing to customers. The same goes for your web site. This is where people are going to come to do business with you.

When you choose your web hosting provider, don’t just choose by the cheapest price but be sure that they have a wide variety of page designs and the versatility of putting text, pictures and other content exactly where you want it and how you want it to appear.

Be organized with your design. You want your potential customers to be able to navigate through your web site with ease and comfort and make the buying of your product or service easy to do.

Some Common Categories To Include On Your Web Site

Home Page

Information Pages

Product or service pages

What’s new pages

Contact page

About Us page

Blog pages

Home Page

This is your meat and potatoes page. This is where people first land. This is your customer walking into your business. You want your home page to be appealing to the customer but not too cluttered.

The mistake many people make is to include too much stuff and information right on the home page, making it difficult, boring and unappealing for customers to want to stay on the page and perhaps buy your product or service.

Your home page should be like a welcome mat, perhaps a couple of small pictures and a small introduction about the site and maybe a few links to your product or service that is within the site.

Your page design should have the categories on the top margin, the side margin as well as on the bottom margin. You always want your customers to be able to easily click on links or categories with out being forced to just use the top or bottom or side margins.

Information Pages

These pages can simple be news release pages, articles or even testimonies from customers who have bought your product or service.

Product Pages

Product or service pages should be just about the product or service description or sales pitch and it should be designed that the customer can purchase right there and not somewhere else on your site.

Contact Page

This page should be a simple form that the customer can fill out to ask questions about your company and or product and service and leave their contact information. Be sure and have a disclaimer on that page that states you will not give or sale their contact information to third parties.

About Us Page

This is the page (not the home page) where will want to put information about your company, location, how long you have been serving people and anything else that pertains to your company to make the customer feel at ease with doing business with you.

Blog Pages

Use the blog pages as a way to update your customers about upcoming products or services and encourage your customers to leave comments or feedback on what you provide.

Now this certainly does not cover everything but we hope it this information will be helpful for you when designing your own web site.