Website Basics And Statistics

Owning a web site and making money with a web site are two very different animals. According to Netcraft Web Server Surveys there are approx. 182 million web sites out there and over 20 trillion web pages and growing every day.

In Las Vegas, Nevada there are over 200 hundred thousand-slot machines.

My point being, that your chances of making money playing slots in Las Vegas are much greater than that of owning a web site to make money just by the fact that there are much fewer slot machines than there are web sites.

However, if you took a thousand dollars to Las Vegas and lost it all you have nothing to show for it, but if you took that same thousand dollars and invested it into a web site, over time and effort you could actually wind up making money.

There are several ways that you can go about setting up your own web site. First you will need a hosting service provider. There are free hosting services as well as paid hosting services. Twenty years ago web hosting cost a lot more than it does today. Where it used to cost 50 to 75 bucks a month to host a web site; you can now find a hosting service that charges as low as 5 to 15 dollars a month.

You also needed to be able to program code and such to build your site where as now most hosting services have their own web site building software to make setting up a web site very easy and with no programming skills required.

Free Hosting – Paid Hosting

You will need to decide how your web site is going to be used or what the purpose of your web site is. If your purpose is just for personal use like keeping friends and families updated on things going on in your life, current family pictures, meetings, reunions or such, than a free hosting service will probably meet your needs.

If you are looking to set up your web site as a means of making money, selling products and or information or such; a free hosting service might be good to start out with. Then after you have built up some traffic and profit upgrade to paid hosting for more options and service.

Domain Name

You are going to need a domain name. This is the Internet address (URL) that other people will use or click on to find your web site. When using a free hosting service the URL will be longer than when using a paid for domain name.

Example of a free sub-domain name

A paid for domain

If you are using your web site just for personal use the sub-domain will work out just fine. However if you are trying to create a web site that will make you money then you need to go with a paid domain name. This will benefit you better when trying to market your web site with search engines and other marketing type of promotions.

Getting your own domain name is really not very expensive these days and can be bought for 10 – 20 bucks a year and can be renewed each year.

This is just some of the basic information you need to pursue your goal of setting up a web site. Check back again sometime for more in depth information.