Web Design – The Facts To Consider

There are billions of websites on the internet but only a small amount are browsed on a daily or monthly basis. Gone are the days when having a website was all one needed to succeed in online business. In today’s’ competitive world one must be wise and brain smart to be not only friendly to the search engines in order to rank highly but also visually appealing to the users. Different websites are designed for different users, the internet has countless websites for different markets such as information, students, social networking and health services just to mention but a few, when designing a website some factors must be kept in view.

The Target Market

A well designed website should be appealing to ad agencies, chief executive officers and the normal internet user. It must be user friendly in such a way that it easy to access the required information or what clients/potential client would want. Flash animations, development, drop-down menus, search engine optimization, and JavaScript mouse effects are just but a few of the web design services one has to include when designing a website.

Client’s Point of View

Understanding the client’s point of view is very important when designing a website, an effective website should display objectives in a manner that is convincing and easy to understand from the clients’ point of view. One might be having good concepts but be unable to sell them through to clients or potential clients, it doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it, we are experts when it comes to presenting your objective to your clients.

SEO Scripts

Yahoo search, Ask, and Google are some of the major search engines you might have either used or come across. When an internet user tries to search for information on the internet he/she will key in the keywords or phrases on the search engine, commanding the search engine to search for websites that contain the keyword or phrase keyed in. A website that contain SEO scripts that are effective will automatically be ranked high on the search engines hence positioning the website high on the search engine top page. When designing a website it is very important to know the keywords used and the templates you are to use to attain high ranking and high traffic by the searching engines that are commonly used world wide.

Keywords are words that are frequently typed on the search engine, for example if some one is looking for love on the internet he/she will type the word love, companion, or soul mate these words are the keywords. Keywords used plays a major role in determining the ranking of the website by the major search engines so it very important to carry out a research before writing the SEO scripts.

Word-press, Dreamweaver, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Joomla are some of the most commonly used templates. Even though one can easily download templates from the internet for free some of the stated templates are not very friendly to the search engines as they are relatively heavy, insecure and out dated. We just don’t design a website for you but we keep in mind such factors when we design websites.