Ways to Make Money without having your own Website

There are many ways to make money online without having to set up your own website. Most of these methods are completely free and are great ways to make some extra income or work full time from home. Not every time a method of making money asks you to pay are they a scam, sometimes this is just a membership fee that makes it easier for you to get work. If these methods let everyone use the tools they offer to make money, there would be less money for those who are paying members. Paying members are given more options to make money simply because they have put up their investment to be an exclusive member. Listed below are some of the great ways to make money online without having your own website:

Freelance Work through an Online Freelancing Website:

Though sometime very over-crowded with free members, freelancers who are paid members are more likely to land a job. They look more committed and reliable than members who are not full members. These websites give you the ability to apply for jobs given by a variety of employers, some of the work offered includes data entry, writing articles, eBooks, essays and books, web design, posting job ads, selling items on eBay and much more. There is really something for anyone on these sites and as soon as you get a few good feedback ratings you should be able to get just about any job you apply for if you are qualified.

Taking Paid Surveys Online:

There are hundreds of survey companies online that will pay you for your opinion. Many of the surveys pay very little, but if you are good at taking surveys quickly and are in an audience that many different survey companies are looking for, you should be able to make a little extra cash. Signing up for several online survey websites is the best way to make sure you are working on surveys consistently. You won’t find many survey sites that charge money, but you might find some that don’t pay their members. You need to make sure that you research the companies you are working for before you sign up so that you don’t waste hours of time doing surveys that you won’t get paid for.

Selling on eBay or Other Auction Sites:

Whether you want to get rid of some things from your home or if you find a great product to sell through another company, you might be able to make some great money selling on an auction site. Depending on how committed to selling you are, you can advertise your auction store in other places online like social networking sites and Google. Need to make sure that you provide excellent customer service as well as ship quickly and make sure that you describe your items as they are. If you make a customer angry or sell them something they weren’t expecting to get, you could end up getting a back feedback rating which could end up losing a lot of potential sales.