Ways of Monetizing a Website

Websites of all kinds on the Internet these days have turned out to be a profitable venture for many. More and more people are coming up with websites these days, because they know that it will help them earn some extra money. Of course, the way you monetize your site, and how well you integrate those monetizing tools with your company’s actual profile is up to your creativity and decision-making. Rest assured, if you have the awareness of some smart ways to monetize your site, you would soon see many benefits.

Different Methods:

There are several different methods of monetizing your site, and the method you choose, or the method that will work best for you, totally depends on the kind of website you have. What works for an online shopping portal will be different from what works for an articles directory. Here is a list of the most popular monetizing techniques:

1.      Direct Banner Advertising – This is perhaps the simplest of all monetizing techniques. You need to sell off banner spaces on your website to potential advertisers, who are looking for more brand visibility and promotion. The space size determines how much money you would charge them, and it is ideal to approach those advertisers, who are somewhat connected to the target audience of your website, so that their chances of advertising on your site are higher. So if you are a student help website, then you’d probably want to contact coaching centers, book publishers, private colleges and universities etc. to advertise on your site.

2.      PPC Advertising – The most popular under PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising networks is Google Adsense. However, you will find many other networks too. The success of this kind of monetizing would depend on factors such as CTR (click through rate), and CPC (cost per click). It is ideal to have the ads, snippets or pictures provided by the network to be placed on the main page of your website, so that more clicks can take place, and you earn more money from each click.

3.      Paid Polls and Surveys – Tie up with companies like Vizu Answers to host surveys and polls on your website. With each completed survey, you will earn some money.

4.      RSS Feed Ads – These have seen the maximum rise in recent times, and are also used by many blogs.

Apart from these, there are, of course, many other techniques with which you can monetize your site. For instance, you can have premium content displayed on your website, along with text link ads, and affiliate marketing.

Always remember that the success of any monetizing technique will depend on the overall popularity of your website. You need to promote and popularize your website well enough for people to keep visiting it over and over again. This will ensure that you get more and more clicks on your website, which will in turn help you to get money. Also, the design of the website needs to be planned cleverly so that the monetizing techniques do not hamper smooth navigation and irritate your users, but add to the experience of good and smart navigation.