Using keywords to generate hits

There are a lot of people that have their websites that don’t know a thing about keywords. Sometimes these words are unnecessary. Sometimes they are not interested in getting paid for their website. However, even those who aren’t in it for the money surely want some kind of exposure. After all this is the reason websites exist at all, because people want to be seen or noticed. They want people to see their work and read their thoughts and ideas or whatever it is they are putting out there for public consumption. They want to be noticed, and this is where keywords become important. They are a moneymaking tool and a tool for being given attention on the internet.

The process of using keywords is actually pretty simple, and it is also simple to explain why they are necessary. Keywords help people with their searches on the internet. They also help content providers or website owners with a framework for which to tailor their postings. It isn’t hard to use them at all, and there are no special requirements such as programming them to be clickable links or anything like that. All that needs to be done is simply to include the keyword a certain amount of times within the body of the article. With the keyword inserted in the article a proportional number of times, combined with a popular site, this increases the chances that the article will be featured closer to the first page of search results on search engines like google.

Once it is explained how to utilize keywords correctly, the only problem becomes how to find the correct keywords to use. This is actually easier than most people would imagine and requires just a few minutes of research. Simply put, the best keywords to use are the keywords that are most searched for on google. With each click afterwards once it does show up on Google, it becomes more and more likely that it will show up on the first page. Of course the more times the keyword is used, the more likely it will be that the site will come up closer to the first page, but it cannot be used too many times, or the bots that determine which articles show up first on Google will automatically put that article at the bottom because they will assume that the article is trying to cheat the system.

These articles should still sound natural, and the keyword should still apply to the subject matter of the article. For example, there shouldn’t be any articles about snowboarding or winter sports that use the keywords “celery dip” unless it truly flows naturally with the article. Once the keywords are understood and set up correctly, the site will get more hits, and more hits leads to more groups being interested in adding their advertisements to the site. Once ads are put on the site, whenever they are clicked, the owner of the site will make money, and in some cases, agencies will pay money just to have their ads hosted. The more interesting and popular the site, the more money it will be capable of making. This is the virtue of keyword placement.