Use Social Networking to Promote Your Business

Social networking isn’t just for catching up with people you went to high school with or keeping in touch with family. It started out that way, but now it is being used as a necessary tool in promoting online businesses as well as businesses in retail locations. If you think about how many members are on Facebook alone, your business has the chance to advertise to all of them without even paying for their paid advertising option.

Starting your own page on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent ways to not only broaden your presence online, but also advertise to new potential customers and keep your current and past customers informed and interested in your business.

Twitter is a great way to advertise sales, bonus offers and new products. When someone is really interested in your update they can “re-tweet” your post so that their “followers” can see it, then, like a pyramid scheme, with great informative and “re-tweet” worthy posts, it can end up being viewed by millions of people within an hour!

Facebook works virtually the same, you have followers who “like” your page and when they follow your page you will be able to post status updates that offer sales, new products, important information about your company and much more. When you have a website you can also post that information on your Facebook page so that your followers can find you online easier. You might also consider purchasing ads through Facebook. Whenever someone is in the same location as you or has information related to your website or topic, they will be randomly shown ads that they can click on to visit your website.

LinkedIn is more for professional people and companies; and doesn’t really cater to the average social networking person. When someone looks for your company online they will likely be brought to your LinkedIn page as well as any other website you are mentioned on. The LinkedIn system allows you to post your experience, your website information as well as your contact information and you are able to hide this information from users who are not members of LinkedIn.

Using a tool to check your online reputation might be a good idea every 6 months or so. This can help you make sure that all of your information is up-to-date and there isn’t any negative or incorrect information about you or your company out there on the web. There are companies that charge you to manage your online reputation as well as clean it up so if you’re worried about how you might look to your customers you should consider trying out the services of an online reputation company.

Using social networking isn’t just for fun or playing games anymore. Millions of website owners are using social networking and social media to gain more customers, keep their company in the minds of their current customers, make more profits and improve their rankings in the search engines. The more of a presence you give yourself online, the better chance you have of succeeding in your online or off-line business.