Unique Products For Your Web Site

For a successful web site, you need a unique product. You need a product that the big stores and web sites don’t have. If you are trying to sell common goods, the big guys will beat you out because they deal in bulk purchasing power and as a small web site you cannot compete.

By having a unique product, one that you manufacture yourself or have a great resource for the product, then you can put yourself in a unique niche and can be quite successful if you market it probably.

Your own web site can only sell so many products each month. The key here is to have other people sell your product as well as yourself. You need to become the source of the product and they have to buy it from you in order for them to offer it to others.

Now I’m not talking about those silly get rich claims and programs. The ones that have you signing up to sell some stupid e-book or money making schemes and where everybody has the same web site and is pushing the same product and spamming every one in sight hoping to get others to participate.

I am talking about having your very own unique product. This will take you time, effort and some money but once you have developed your own special, unique product and can reproduce it or ship it quickly, that is where the money is. Even for the small guys – us – the ones trying to use the Internet to claim our share of the millions being spent on products everyday.

Once you have your unique product, submit a proposal to the big companies (Amazon for example) to put your product in their inventory or listings. Get as many web site owners that are selling similar products to also carry yours for a percentage of the profits or at a discount but still a profit for you.

They can either buy a bulk supply of your product or you can provide the drop shipping for them. This is where they send you the order, and you ship the product to the buyer.

Work out payment agreements with them. Either they can pay as they order or you can set up an account for them where they pay you on a monthly schedule or however you set this up.

This will take some trust. For the smaller web sites and companies, use pay as you order but when dealing with a bigger company, you can arrange an account payable system with them.

The point being is not only do you have your own web site marketing the product, you get other companies and web sites to advertise and sell your product as well.

This is different than affiliate marketing. This is more like being the wholesaler of the product, in which you sell it to the public with your own web site and or sell it to other retail types of businesses, either store front type businesses or other peoples web sites.

This is truly where the greatest amount of money can be made, your very own unique product and having other people selling it for you.