Tips For Making Money With Your Web Site

In order to make any money from your web site; you need to have a product or service to sell. It must be of some value for the customer to be interested in buying. If your web site is product based, have more than one product. Having a variety of products to offer increases your opportunity for sales.

Assuming that you are advertising your web site and getting traffic (customers) to it, you need to entice them to stay on your site, (in the hopes that they will buy your product) instead of just landing on the home page, looking around then leaving. There are several ideas and methods that you can use, too many to list in one article but let’s start with just a few ideas.

On your home page, offer them something for free. Offer them a free report, a free e-book or a free newsletter or such. You also want to be able to capture their name and email address so have a simple form on your home page where they have to sign up for your freebie with their name and email address.

This form should be encoded so that it takes their name and email address and stores it in a data base area of your web site so in the case they do not buy right now, you can then send them emails about certain offers or products in the future. Put a small disclaimer under the form stating that you will not sell their name to third parties.

After they have filled out the form, immediately have it direct them to a hidden page on your site where your free products are. A hidden page means it can’t be seen on the main menu or accessed except by filling out the form. Also include some of your products that are for sell on that page, so after getting their free product, they might consider buying something else from you.

Another method to go about this is having a link on your home page and in your category list that’s says “Free Products. Then when they click on that link, it takes them to a page where they then need to fill out a small form in order to get the free product.

Another method is to use an auto-responder with this form. An auto-responder is a simple program that will capture their name an email address and sends them out the product, and the form redirects them to your product page.

On your product page have a message that thanks them for their interest and state that their product is being emailed to them and while you’re here, check out our various products and such. Word it how you wish but you get my point.

What you are trying to do accomplish with these methods is –

1.    To either get the customer to buy something right now

2.    Or to get them to leave their name and email address so that you will be able to market products to them in the future by way of email with out spamming them.

These are just a couple of methods you can use, hope they help you and check back again for more information.