The Web Game

Making a website that provides a steady flow of cash is possible, but not as easy as most people would like to believe.  Whether it is the promise of freedom from financial struggles or the desire to be one’s own boss, many individuals have flocked to the internet gold rush.  In fact, millions of domain names are purchased every year in the hopes of launching the next great website, but few of these ever get up and running and even less become successful moneymaking ventures.

It’s extremely difficult to even calculate how many websites there actually are.  Estimates assume the total to be near 2 billion already and the rate that new sites are going up is increasing.  It can be daunting when you’re attempting set yourself apart in this type of infinite climate, but it’s a must if you want your website to be a moneymaking machine.  There are several things to keep in mind along the way.

Stay away from the get-rich-quick schemes.  Scams are abundant on the internet and these types of promises are the most obvious sign that one is afoot.  You’re going to have to work for your money just like everyone else.  It takes a great idea and a ton of effort that no scheme can remedy.

Success on the internet, like success in business, requires a certain level of technical knowledge.  If this is lacking, the marketer must be willing to hire experts in search engine and social media marketing if he or she wants to produce a professional product with some buzz.  The market is competitive and will require committed resources.  As with any business, pouring your own resources into production and marketing can be extremely risky, but if you believe in your idea and have a solid business plan, the rewards are well worth it.

Popular methods of earning money through websites are charging for premium services, membership fees to access content, pay per click, direct sales of unique items like books, software, and anything you could possibly dream up that people would want to purchase.  Each of these strategies, to an extent, is most effective when you operate at a professional level within a particular niche.

Create a website that focuses on a specific industry.  For instance, if you were previously involved with a stock broking company, you could use your knowledge and experience to lend your expertise through your website.  Write blogs displaying your knowledge and encouraging people to make use of your services or subscribe to your site.  Don’t give away all your specialized information, but enough to show people that you are a professional and capable of providing them with expert service.  Be sure to avoid sounding like too much of a sales pitch as this can often be interpreted as a red flag for a scam.

Also, research similar sites and check the forums and comments from people who use the site and what they like and dislike about it.  You can use this knowledge to make your site better without going through your own trial and error.  The voyage isn’t easy, but the bounty is alluring.  If you’re smart with your decisions, you’ll reap the rewards.