The internet as a tool for moneymaking

Anyone that has ever visited a website has seen ads before. How much money ads actually make on a website is a point of major debate amongst people that do not own websites, but the truth is, it needn’t be a mystery. Anyone with an idea that they think people will be interested in and a little bit of startup money to cover the costs of webhosting has the ability to find out on their own.

The truth is, a starting website is not likely to make a ton of money. A site needs exposure and a loyal base of visitors. It also needs to have a fresh outlook on something if it is a blog, or a fresh take on a way of selling items if it is the type of site that deals in marketing. While it is not true that all of the good ideas have already been taken, it is true that a lot of the good ideas have been taken. These days if a website wants to succeed it needs a truly unique perspective. Without one a site will be doomed to fail like so many others.

But if a person does have a good idea that they want to share with the world, the internet couldn’t be a better venue. One of the more complicated aspects of owning a website is programming it. This could be as complex as setting up a system for transactions, or as simple as deciding what button goes where, or what a visitor has to click in order to get to a certain page. The problem with most average people is that they don’t know how to do these things. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Though the internet is a common tool that most people are familiar with, when it gets down to complexities such as this, a lot of people are pretty unfamiliar. Remember though that making money can take some time and people are not going to want to put ads on a site as soon as it starts out. This is why google adsense puts a one year limit on sites. A site must be active for at least one year before google will put ads on the page. This gives the owner of the site time to build content and to build a following.

If completely necessary, it is possible to find someone willing to program a site on a freelance basis for a fee. These people can be found in the phonebook or on the internet. It is best to start small though, and use an already established blog template such as wordpress or google blogger to act as the framework for the site. Once the framework is set up, it is only a matter of keeping people coming. If enough people keep coming to the site, all it takes is to contact a few businesses that might be interested in advertising on the site, and seeing how much they would be willing to pay to advertise. The more interest in your site, the more visitors per day, and thus, the more they would be willing to spend to advertise. Finding the right audience is difficult, but once it is attained, it just takes a bit of perseverance before the ad revenue starts pouring in.