The ABC’s For Setting Up Your Own Web Site

There are so many aspects into setting up a profitable web site that it is impossible to cover them all. In fact, there are numerous e-books on the Internet that you can purchase that can give you just about all the information overload you can bear. But here we will break it down to a very few simple concepts to help you on your way.

Domain name
Name of web site
Web hosting services


Do not fudge or try to just “wing it” when it comes to setting up your web site. Have a detailed outline on paper on exactly how you want your site to look like. Include in your plan how many pages you want to start with, what products or services you will be selling, what kinds of content your web site will have, a payment process (how will people pay you for your product or service) etc..


Although you can start on a shoestring, be sure and set up a start up budget. A start up budget includes buying your domain name, a web hosting service, products and services that you will be selling and advertising. Also set up a monthly budget, money that you set aside each month to invest in promoting your web site. This will be your biggest expense each month, advertising and bring traffic (customers) to your web site.

Domain Name – Name Of Web Site

Buy your own domain name. These are not expensive (10 – 15 bucks a year) and a simple search on the Internet will give you plenty of places to buy a domain name. Just search and compare. Forget about using a free domain name, they don’t indexed correctly and the search engines do not find them very well.

You want your own domain name so your web site gets indexed properly and search engines can find it from all your advertising efforts. The name of your web site does not have to be the same as your domain name. For example – your domain name could be while the actual name for your web site could be named “The E-book Store”.

Take the time and choose a good domain name and a good tittle for your web site. You want a name that is easy or catchy, something that will stick into people’s minds and is easy to remember.

Web Hosting Services

Although there are plenty of free web hosting services available, they are very limited with their design capabilities and versatility. We suggest that you find a paid hosting service – one that will provide you a wide variety of site designs, unlimited bandwidth and file space, lots of email addresses and unlimited pages as well as excellent tools for designing, updating and maintaining your web site.

A simple search on the internet will give you plenty of hosting services and you just need compare their service and prices and choose the one you are comfortable with. You will be able to find a hosting service for under 20 bucks a month and with time and effort, you will have your web site up and running.

Next thing you will need to do is advertise your web site. And that my friends is another subject all together. Check back again for more information.