Supplementing your CPM and PPC Advertising to Generate More Profits

Rather than just sticking with PPC and CPM advertising networks there are many more options you have to generate profits for your website. If you haven’t already offered ad space on your website to sponsors and advertisers directly you should consider doing that as it cuts out the middleman which will help you make more profits. There are a few other things related to advertising that you can use on your website in order to make more profits.

In-Text Advertising:

Using this method of advertising is a great way to generate profits. Rather than just posting ads above or on the side of your webpage you can use advertising networks like Vibrant Media or Kontera to put sponsored links within your webpage text. The links provided by these networks will be underlined twice so that they will stand out next to regular links. When your visitors put their mouse over the link and advertisement will pop-up. If the visitor is interested they can then click on the ad and a pop-up page will take them directly to the advertised site. This tool is used by many, but others find it intrusive, it really depends on your own view of advertising.

Pop-ups and Pop-unders:

Pop-ups have been known to annoy viewers as well as be the source of viral infections on systems. If you are just interested in making a bunch of money quickly and are not worried about dedicated traffic, you can utilize this method of advertising. There are many ad networks that can offer you pop-ups for your website or blog, these include Tribal Fusion, PayPopup, Adversal and PopupAd.

Audio Ads:

Much like the Pay-Per-Click method, auto ads are also known as Pay per Play. If a user watches a short advertisement on your site you will be paid for each time the video is played. Usually these ads are not able to be stopped and they last around 5 seconds each. This makes it easy for you to make money since the visitor will have to watch it whether or not they want to. Some users of this method report getting paid $4-$6 for each video play, so it can be a very great way to make money especially if you have a lot of traffic going through your website on a daily basis. Many webpage visitors can become annoyed with these types of ads because they can be very loud if their speakers are turned up all the way. So you should use caution and make sure this type of advertising will be good for your overall reputation.

Advertising has been the cornerstone of profiting from any business for decades. If companies aren’t able to get their name out there, they won’t be able to make any sales. Companies pay big money to be seen in as many places as possible and website owners and bloggers can profit from their bigger companies and websites’ need. Do as much advertising as you can but make sure that it won’t affect your own website when you do so.