Step by Step Guide on Building a Website:

When you want to build a website but have no idea where to start, this guide will help you to get through the daunting task of building a great website. It is best if you know a little about HTML and it’s even better if you know a lot about using the internet. Those who are really beginners and know absolutely nothing about how websites work might do better finding a training program online or taking a class on HTML and building websites.

For beginners and those who aren’t very internet savvy, these tips and tricks for building a great website will help you get up and running quicker without getting frustrated and giving up.

Find your Niche:

What do you want your website to be about? Do you already have a plan or are you just interested in making money online and have no ideas of what you’d like to have a website based on? If you do already have a topic for your website in mind you will want to make sure that it is something that can be profitable and will keep your interest.

Hosting and Domain Name:

The worst thing that could happen is you draw up your entire website plan only to find that the domain name you wanted has already been taken. You should always pay for shared hosting rather than using a free site. Paid hosting is more reliable and gives you more features as well. You can normally purchase your domain and your hosting plan through the same company and you can most likely pay less than $20 per month depending on which plan you choose.

Plan your Website Design:

Next you will want to plan the design of your website, decide which pages you are going to want to include (home page, about us, services, contact us, blog, forum, etc). Make sure you also consider your links and buttons, decide where you‘d like them to go and maybe even draw out a design you are interested in having.

Build your Website:

Next you will put your plans into action. You can use software like Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress to help you build your website. If you are experienced with HTML you can make a website on your own without a builder. You can also find many resources online to help you with the building of your website as well as books and other resources you can use.

Checking your Work:

Your next step will be to ensure that all of your HTML pages are compliant with the standards of W3C web standards. Your pages have to begin with an <HTML> tag and end with an end tag </HTML>. There are also many other tags that you will need to have done correctly in order for your page to come out right. You might even ask a professional coder if they have the time to look over your work before you publish your site.

Publish your Website:

The last thing you will need to do while building your website is to upload it to your web host. You can use the browser file offered by your host (normally FTP). It will connect to your server and upload the files to your web host control panel. You will then begin working on the content of your website and making sure that everything looks as it should!