Making Money from a Website: Sponsored Reviews

If you have an interest in a particular type of product, such as hairspray or tennis racquets, you just may be able to make some money using the product and writing reviews. Though there are ways to avoid having to purchase a product to review it, this is one of the best ways to try new products and get paid for your opinions.

What Is a Sponsored Review?

A sponsored review is an article written for an advertiser about their product. Essentially, a writer establishes a niche blog about a particular type of product (products may be online or offline) and then obtains payment in exchange for the product advertising.

Are Purchases Required?

There are two primary types of (honest) reviews: informational and first person. Informational reviews are written based on research, either online or offline. Generally a description of a product and the purpose for it are indicated, sometimes touching on what users are saying about it.

For first person reviews, either the product is supplied free of charge or a purchase is required. This type of review is ideal for a product that you would be buying anyways, such as hair care products or different powdered drinks. The purchase price of these items can then be written off of your next taxes, making it even more profitable.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started writing sponsored reviews depends on whether you want to write informational or first person reviews. First, a blog will need to be started about whatever type of product you will be reviewing. For informational reviews, there are websites for which you can sign up with that offer payment based on your review. While specific amounts vary, most companies have rules established regarding what may and may not be written.

Informational review blogs, on the other hand, are best started by doing a few product reviews on your blog. Once these have been posted, contact companies offering products in your blog category regarding what you do. While some will not be interested, others will not only send a free product but also pay for the review. This approach takes time but can certainly be more enjoyable and prevent burnout from writing about products you have no interest in.

Some Advice

In order to be considered a trustworthy source of information on a particular type of product, a professional image must be developed. Grammar should be double checked, and reviews must be honest- but not hateful or damaging. Include both the positive and negative aspects of a product in your review, and steer clear of “yelling” at the reader about miracle products.

Sponsored reviews can be an enjoyable and profitable method of making money from a website. However, as with any other method of making money online, it takes time to develop traffic and make a significant amount of money. By posting honestly and regularly, you can review whatever you want to and make some money at the same time.