Some Work from Home Jobs that are a Bust

Women love nothing more than to work from home. We don’t blame them for that either. However, when you are choosing some things to do which can get you a little bit more of an income, you have to be careful. There are many things that you will find which many moms and many women have tried and they have failed at. What are a few of those things that have been found to be a scam?

One of the things you will find would be the survey sites. There are some of them that have you take all these surveys. However, what you will find is that in the end, you don’t get anything for the time you wasted. They will tell you all these things that you could win a chance at this or that and you will find that you win nothing. That would be one thing to be aware of.

Mystery shoppers are another thing that you have to be careful about. They tell you that they will pay you back when you send in the receipts, but there are some of them that have been said not to have paid. They tell you to dine on their tab, but their tab then becomes your tab. This too would be something that you have to be aware of.

There are some that say that you can do this or that like do medical transcribing from home. While you can do this, you have to have special training. That is the down part. There are so many people that aren’t aware of this that they go into trying to do this then find that they have to go to school. Be aware of that.

Selling the products like make up and so forth might not be a scam, but it is hard to do. While you can make money when you start doing this, it is hard to get started. You have to first go about and buy the samples and so forth. It almost takes you a year to make up what you have put into it. That would be another thing that you have to be aware of.

Another thing that some have to be aware of would be the hosting things that some women do. Now, there again, you can make a ton of money selling the kitchen gadgets and more. However, this is the downfall. The downfall is that when you do this, you really have to apply yourself. You sometimes have to spend your money to order the items and then wait for payment as people might not have the money all up front and things of that nature. That is how many of the catalog ordering businesses are where a hostess demonstrates these items. Be aware of that.

While some are legit and while some are great, you will find that there are things that you have to be aware of. You have to look at how much money you are going to spend. You also have to look at how much time you have to invest in it as well. Some of them might not be worth it at all.