Some Simple ways to Monetize Your Website

Monetizing your website simply means to bring in more profits. There are many ways to do this effectively and knowing all of the different ways you can make profits on your website will help you to choose the most effect ones and start making profits right away. You can use as many different tools as you want to when monetizing your website. Knowing the most reliable and profitable solutions for making your website profitable will help you decide which methods are right for you:

PPC and CPM advertising networks:

Google Adsense and many other companies offer advertising programs that will pay you every time an ad is clicked on through your website or each time an ad is viewed 1,000 times. Some companies offer both methods in one and the amount of profit you make for each click or each 1,000 views is described in your contract with the company.

Direct Banner Advertising:

Selling space on your website to businesses and other website owners for a fee per click or impressions or a lump sum can also help you make a ton of profits. Find the right advertisers and have a high traffic site in order to do this type of monetization correctly.

Monetization Widgets:

Widgets are sort of like a PPC tool, some of them are more like text link ads and some are more related to affiliate links. The way they differ is that they work just like web widgets, they make it easier to simply plug and play. Some of the more popular monetization widgets include SmartLinks, WidgetBucks and ScratchBack.

RSS Feed Ads:

Displaying ads within your RSS feed is a great way to earn some more profits on your website. Some popular programs to check out include Feedburner, Bidvertiser and Pheedo. Some blog owners also opt to sell their ad space directly and post it on their RSS feed.

Sponsorship for Individual Columns or Events:

Selling advertising for a specific article or event that your site has is a great way to generate income. Advertisers are likely to pay more for this type of sponsorship simply because they will be able to target an audience that is interested in their product. They will also love that they won’t have a large commitment to your site and are able to choose which columns or events they want to participate in. If you have a weekly podcast, a monthly survey, or a special project or interview series, you can benefit from finding sponsors that relate to the content and will pay big bucks for ad-space especially if you get a lot of participants.

Premium Content:

While searching around the internet you might find websites and blogs that give some of their content away for free. They normally charge an access fee, but you get the content and the tools they offer and can use them in any way you wish. SEOMoz is a popular blog that offers their premium content to members.

Utilizing any of these tools, or all of them, can help your website succeed and gain more profits. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to get traffic to your website to make sure that these tools are working to the best of their ability.