So You Want To Start Your Own Web Site

Owning your very own web site can be fun, easy, exciting or very time consumer and hard depending on what your purpose for starting a web site is in the first place.


Setting up your own web site can be a time consumer process depending on what your are trying to accomplish. Do you wish to set up a web site for personal use or do you wish to set up one that can be used to generate income?

A personal web site can be used to keep friends and family in the loop so to speak on what is going on in your life. You can post pictures, keep a running blog on all the events going on in your family, a schedule of events etc.. These types of web sites are pretty easy to set up and keep updated and most of the time you can use a free hosting service to save money and all you do is add the content.

If your purpose is to generate an income, meaning you wish to sell products, information or services for a profit, you will need to spend a considerate amount of time and money to get your web site off the ground and running.


For now we will focus on setting up a web site for profit. You will need to have a detailed plan on what you want to accomplish with your web site. Write it down on paper. Come up with a detailed outline of how you wish your web site to look like, the types of pages you will be needing, what type of content you will be putting on it, what type of product or service are you going to be selling, how you are going to market the web site etc..

Once you have the general plan outlined and you know what direction you will be going, it will make the building of the actual web site a much smoother process.


You must decide right in the beginning how much you are willing to spend to make your web site profitable. You will need a reasonable budget. In today’s world it takes money to make money but you don’t have to go overboard in the beginning but you should be able to invest a few hundred dollars in the beginning to set things up properly to greater increase your opportunity to generate an income from your efforts.

Buy yourself your own domain name. There are tons of services on the Internet that you can purchase a domain name and the cost is minimal – 10 – 20 bucks a year for a domain name.

Find yourself a good web hosting service. There are plenty of free web hosting service available as well as paid hosting services. We recommend that you pay to host your web site because you will have more web site building tools available to you than with a fee site.

Just search on the Internet for all the various hosting service and compare prices, tools available, ease of use, and what will fit your needs. There are tons of choices, so analyze and compare each service to find the one you feel will work best for your purposes.

Check back again sometime for more information on building your own web site.