So You Want To Get Rich On The Internet

So many people are looking at the Internet as a means to produce an extra income in addition to their regular job. Others are looking at it to replace their jobs. If you have a job keep it and build your self an online income that can supplement your job and that has potential to eventually replace it.

For those of you who don’t have a job, get one because unless you have a lot of money to live on, the Internet will not instantly provide you with a steady income in which to survive on.

Over the years I have looked at, signed up for and participated in many online programs, matrix systems, e-book selling and the like. I made a few bucks here and there but mostly found that those types of programs are bull and in the long run do not stay around long enough for you to make any real money.

I even ran a blog at one time exposing such programs and such but ran into so many people trying to sue me for my reviews that I had to shut it down. Sometimes the truth hurts and the people that run those type of programs are very cutthroat.

So what do you do?

First off stay away from most of those get rich quick type of schemes, matrix and pyramid schemes and set yourself up with a real web site – one that sells products that people actually have a need for and something that you will enjoy doing and doesn’t take you all day and night to monitor and take care of.

That sounds easier said than done but it really isn’t that hard to do. You simply need to have a plan, time and a budget to work with. Do your research first. Find an area or niche or a product or products that you would like to sell. Before you do anything, you need a good product, one that is in demand and a product that you can compete in the market place with. There are tons of them; you just need to find that niche.

Once you have your product, then set up your web site. Buy a domain name, a good name for your company and select a web-hosting provider for your web site.

This is all very inexpensive to do. A domain name will cost 10 –15 bucks a year to own and web hosting can run you 6 – 15 a month depending on your hosting provider.

Most hosting services provide web building tools. So even if you don’t have much experience in setting up a web site, if you take your time, utilize all the tools the web-hosting site offers, you can set up a pretty good site.

Now the next thing you need to do is to advertise. This will be your biggest expense. If you do not have any money to advertise, then you will not make any money. Start out with a small advertising budget, do it consistently and re-invest any sales right back into your advertising.

Treat this as a business. Everything you spend is a business expense so keep good records. The first couple of years you will probably be writing off most of the expenses in running your web site (you get a great tax break) before you make any real profits.

The key is –

Product – Time _ Effort – Money – Advertising

Believe, and make it happen!