Slice of the Internet Pie

Everyone is trying to shape the next big idea on the internet, but for all the millions that try, only a few break through.  The task can be simplified by reducing the plan to a few principles for creating a lucrative website.

The first step is laying down the base for a sturdy website that will still be easy to edit and alter in the future.  This includes the language foundation as well as web hosting.  This is important as the internet is fluidly moving forward at an alarming rate and you need to be prepared to keep pace or be left behind.  It’s hard enough to keep pace when you’re set up for it, so eliminate any part of the structure that could slow you down.  Planning ahead will keep you up to speed.  Time is money after all.

Make sure to choose simple yet effective languages such as Java or Visual Basic. Build a familiarity with your options and the alternatives so you can way the pros and cons of each decision.  This is especially true of the decision that will give your site its shape and personality.  The goal and focus of your site should be unique and singular.  One great idea or service is better than a thousand clichés.  Some of the most profitable and useful sites are those that focus on their one specialization and do it better and bigger than anyone else on the market.

With so much competition on the internet, originality is key.  It helps to consider the overall market along with a specific group you are trying to reach.  Always keep in mind the purpose of your website and who you want to see it.  These are the factors that will determine your success or failure.

If you’re goal is to sell items from your site, it’s important to know what types of items do good business online.  There are certain things that people just aren’t interested in purchasing over the computer.  Do your research to make sure you are making a worthwhile investment.

Once you decide on something that people tend to purchase online offer it in a way that will lead them to your sites every time they are interested in internet shopping.  One such way is premium membership.  You could give out free content every once in a while or send them updates or newsletters daily.  Notice also how most successful websites have their own RSS feeds and Facebook and Twitter subscription buttons.  These things, if done right, will be quite effective in creating supporters for your website.  Therefore, you will not only be focusing on new readers or visitors but also loyal ones.

Make your website as personal as possible.  Do not rush the process in hopes of turning profit as soon as possible.  Always be prepared to go with the new flow as the internet is a dynamic environment for businesses, but while always keeping your site unique.