Sponsored Reviews Is A Revenue Generating Method

Companies and business houses are paying a good amount to review their products and services and put them out on the internet. They are looking for consumer feedback. With social media taking off in a big way they are a soft target for negative write-ups. You have a great chance to earn from reviewing various products and services.

What takes place when you work on reviews?

Business houses would want a review about their product / service or website. Most of them are constantly looking for good reviews. They will provide you with the relevant information you require to do a review. At times you get to test their product for the experience that you might require to work on a review. Sometimes you would be directed to a website to view a demonstration of the web site / service / application and so in.

What you require so that you can do a review?

You need to have good writing skills. You need to be able to express your thoughts in a vivid imaginative way in writing. Secondly you need to research on sites that enable you to do reviews. You need to read their eligibility criteria thoroughly. Once you’ve read and understood the eligibility criteria you will be able to develop your blog accordingly. The next step is developing your blog. Decide on which categories and industries you want to write reviews about. Once you decide on this start to post general and specific information about those industries and categories. You cannot start to write on multiple industries as your content will not be relevant to your readers. The reason being you need to have regular visitors to your blog. For this your matter must be focused consistent and fresh.

How do you publish the reviews?

There are two ways to do this in the online world. One way is to have your own blog where you put up sponsored reviews. The other way is to use dedicated sites where you can post a review. When you have your own blog you need to see to it that there is a consistent flow of targeted traffic. This means that if you are doing a review on a weight loss product then it is best to have the relevant target audience consistently visiting your blog. Companies check not only on your writing skills but also where their reviews will be put up. This goes to say that your blog should be held in good regard by Google ranking for instance.


In your initial days you may have to start with a slightly low price. Once your blog becomes famous with high traffic and once your skills are recognized to do reviews you can then gradually increase your price.

Writing sponsored reviews is a good way to earn. However just praising senselessly will take you nowhere. On the other hand criticizing unnecessarily will not do any good either. You need to review with honesty and transparency. You need to understand the matter well. You need to go in depth. The language that you use requires being simple and lucid.