Profitable Website Solutions: Direct Banner Advertising

There are thousands of ways to make profits on your website; one of the most effective and profitable ways is direct banner advertising. Selling advertising space from your website directly to other website or business owners cuts out the middleman and reduces their costs while increasing your profits.

You and the business owner are free to determine your own rates as well as whether you choose PPC or CPM for the ads. You will need to make sure that you have a large audience and that you have a lot of traffic going through your website on a daily basis. Direct banner advertising will not be as profitable if you don’t have a lot of traffic and also people won’t want to purchase space on your website if they won’t be seen by a lot of viewers and potential customers.

Some of the more popular areas and sizes of banner advertising include at 125×125 button advertisement, a 300×250 rectangle advertisement, a 728×90 leaderboard advertisement and a 120×600 skyscraper (down the side of your webpage) advertisement. The more ad space you sell, the better chances you will have of making great profits. You want to make sure that the advertisers you go through are related to your site, offer good service to their clients and are a popular brand that will help your site to generate income through pay-per-click profits as well as not offend visitors so that they don’t visit your site anymore.

Since you aren’t using a PPC or CPM advertising program you and the advertiser are free to come up with your own guidelines. This will mean more work for you since you will have to do the billing; the adding up of page views and clicks as well as making sure you’re getting paid. These factors will not be automated like they are through a large PPC or CPM program.

Having great sponsors and advertisements on your website can also boost your reputation and make you look more credible to your viewers. Since the advertiser has agreed to place an ad on your site it means that they trust your website and others should do so as well.

So in order to have a successful direct banner advertising campaign you need to have a few things in order before you start; first you need to have a popular and reputable website, a professional design, you will also need adserver software as well as an “advertise here” ad on your page so that other websites can come to you. You should also consider creating a standard letter that introduces yourself, explains why they should buy advertising space from you, explain traffic details as well as your visions for cost, payment and any their options for size, location and how many other advertisers you will advertise on your site. This information will help those who are looking to purchase ad-space on your website know exactly what you will do for them by giving them the space on your site and how much profitability having their site advertised on yours will give them.