Making Money from a Website: Pop-Ups and Pop-Unders

Everyone is familiar with those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders that show up unannounced at the most possibly annoying moments. Though these ads can certainly drive a person to distraction, they are also a source of income for anyone with a money-making website.


Pop-ups are one of the most obvious forms of online advertising there is. Literally popping up while browsing any given website, they require the user to at least glance at the advertisement before exiting. Though this certainly gets the attention needed, it may not be the most desirable form. Pop-ups are being used less frequently now due to the frustration they cause.

The worst websites use multiple pop-ups on just one page. This is a surefire way to direct traffic away from the website and to another less obtrusive one. Owners of this kind of website can basically guarantee that they will not have repeat viewers of their website.


More popular as of late are pop-unders. These ads are similar in format to pop-ups, with the exception that they pop “under” the current browsing session. Since users generally don’t notice these until they are finished with their current web browsing session, they tend to be less annoyed by them.

Which Is Better?

If you are setting up a website with the sole purpose of making money and are offering some *ahem* unusual content, users likely will be used to plenty of pop-ups. However, for anyone setting up a more legitimate website about something they are actually interested in, one pop-up per webpage is the most that should be even considered, if any are used at all.

It may seem that pop-unders would make less than pop-ups, but this is not actually the case. We have all become used to closing pop-up boxes before they have even fully loaded. This prevents the website from making any revenue at all from the pop-up, since it was impossible to view. Pop-unders, on the other hand, load in the background, behind the current browser session. This allows for plenty of time for the advertisement to load and be registered as being viewed by the company.

Aren’t There Other Options?

There are plenty of options to earn revenue from your website aside from pop-ups and pop-unders. Banner advertising, job boards, monetization widgets, affiliate marketing… these are just a few of the many options available to an enterprising website owner. However, when it comes to advertising options, banner advertising is not as lucrative as it may seem to be. Pop-ups and pop-unders are undoubtedly more lucrative than banner ads and text ads.

Regardless of what type of website you may have, be sure to always read and fully understand the fine print of what you are signing up for. Some companies require contracts of a certain period of time, resulting in a fine if you decide to shut down your website. Others tailor ads specifically for your target audience and allow for website owners additional options.

Whichever direction you decide to go in with regards to monetizing your website, try to take on the viewpoint of a web surfer looking for some information, and the rest will fall into place.