Optimizing Income from an Information Website

Setting up an informational website is just the beginning when it comes to making money from a website. Without ads and other methods of making money added to the website, you’ll miss a myriad of opportunities to make money from traffic. By utilizing some simple optimization techniques and partnering with some other online companies, money will begin streaming in.

SEO Writing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is writing that targets a particular keyword and attempts to make it highly visible to the search engines. By choosing a keyword based on search engine history, you will obtain increased traffic flow, thereby optimizing the revenues received from advertisements and other money-making programs on your website. Generally SEO writing consists of the keyword being written into the first and last sentence, with a density of 3-5%.

Affiliate Programs

For almost any niche, there are associated products that are sold online to fill needs associated with it. A niche website on mountain biking, for example, would do well to partner with a website specializing in mountain biking gear. While most websites offer an automatic application and approval for affiliate programs, others may require potential partners to submit a proposal detailing the current and projected amount of website traffic, desired fees, and more.

Essentially, once approval has been received, you will be issued a tracking link specific to your company/website. Though programs may vary slightly, all offer a certain percentage of profit when a product is purchased through the link. Some also pay a token amount of money for each click from your website to theirs.

Advertisement Placement

Exactly where you choose to place third-party advertisements on your website can determine whether your website is a success or a failure. Place ads in the middle of text and you can guarantee that web surfers will surf right on out of your web page. On the other hand, selecting placements too out of the way will simply not be seen, therefore receiving little to no income.

Though it may be tempting to flood a home page with banner ads since it is the most viewed part of a website, resist this at all costs! You want the homepage to tell (or show) viewers why they should stick around your website, not what they could buy for just $9.99 per month. Select a few higher-paying advertisements to serve as your anchor for the web page, and leave the rest for other pages.

In that vein, consider the specific topics within your website and tailor your ads in that direction. An automotive website would do well to post ads about brakes on an informational page addressing the proper installation of brakes on a truck. Similarly, treat each page as its own entity, and you are sure to generate some income.

Optimizing an information website, as you have seen, does not require a computer engineer to complete. With some work and time invested, any website can eventually earn a bit (or a lot) of money to help sustain it.