Making Money from a Website: Niche Websites

The Internet buzzword as of late seems to be “niche.” Niche this, niche that…but what can mean to you personally? Whether you are a self-proclaimed computer geek or a Saturday web-surfer, this single word has the potential to affect you profoundly.

What Is a Niche Website?

Before the advent of the Internet and associated marketing tactics, the word niche was essentially defined as a habitat, the perfect place in the world for a particular animal (or person). In more recent history, however, this definition has been expanded to include websites and writing. A niche website is one that targets a specific need or even population of people. This can be anything from restoration of antique farm plows to wedding facilities in the greater Baltimore area.

Finding a Niche

The right niche for you depends on what reason you have to start a corresponding website. If your sole reason to begin a website is to make lots of money fast, this is not the endeavor for you. Making money from any website takes time and a significant upfront investment of time. With this sort of commitment in mind, it is indeed possible to make money off of a niche website.

Check out an online keyword search program to find some keywords relevant to the particular area you are interested in. Though it may take multiple searches and a bit of time to find the keyword with the most searches and the least competition, it will be well worth it in the end. Alternately, if this is more of a hobby and opportunity to share your knowledge about a particular topic, just go for whatever you want to write about!

Moving Forward

The next step is in finding an open, appropriate domain name. This can be frustrating and rather difficult initially, as often your first clever idea has already been registered by someone else. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of family and friends to brainstorm appropriate titles/ domain names for your niche website. You may be surprised at what they come up with! Once you have found an available domain with your desired address, purchase it and you are almost ready to start!

Decisions, Decisions

Decide if you are looking to host a blog niche website or an informational niche website. Either way, you will need to install a content management system. This sounds expensive, but many great programs are actually available for free online. Also surprisingly, they are relatively easy to use and set up, allowing for you to move on to more important things, like your advertising and content.

And Now…

One common mistake new niche website owners make is to immediately start adding advertisements and other money-making gadgets to their website. If they are not rejected from the beginning for consideration, they soon will be- what is a website without content? Get at least a few blog postings or article postings going first, then you can get started on the money making aspect of niche websites. Are you ready?