Money Making Weight Loss Website: Hypothetical Plan for Beginners

If you have never created a website or if you aren’t sure where to start this article will provide you with a hypothetical business plan for your website and the steps you need to take to get your website noticed and profitable. We’ll be using the niche “weight loss” since it is a very popular one and you’ll get examples on how to make your website stand out among the rest.

Since you’re going to be using a topic that is very popular and widespread, you will first need to put your own spin on it. Have you lost weight in a way that you’ve never read about? Do you have your own tips and tricks or have you taken a few different weight loss programs and used pieces of each to make one great weight loss plan? This will help you stand out and give your customers a fresh way to try losing weight.

Since just about everyone is interested in losing weight and being healthier, this niche is the most populated. It is also the easiest niche to make money from. After you’ve decided on your topic, you will then need to purchase hosting and choose your domain name. You should try your hardest to get a great domain name that ends in .com or .net. Anything other than those will likely be harder for your customers to find. Choose a domain that matches your website name, there are many different variations of weight loss: (Losing weight, losing fat, fat loss, healthy eating, boost metabolism, etc) then you will want to put your own personal touch on the domain so that it will be remembered by your visitors and customers.

After you’ve set up your hosting, purchased your domain and chosen your template website or built your own, you will then want to work on the content of your website. This is the most important part of your website:

  • Create original, exciting and factual and keyword rich content for each web page
  • Write articles related to your keywords and your website and post them on article directory sites. Each article should be completely original. (check through CopyScape)
  • Write an eBook describing your weight loss program

After you’ve created all your content you will then begin submitting your website to as many online website directories as you can. There are more than 300 to choose from and the more directories your website is on, the better chance your site has of being found. You will also need to set up your shopping cart so that you will be able to distribute and collect money for your eBook.

Sign up for Google Adwords and Adsense and utilize these tools as much as possible. You can also sell advertising space directly to other website owners who sell weight loss products and information too. Advertising is the most important step, you want to both advertise your website as well as make profits by advertising other’s products and services as well. Joining free social networking sites will give you access to millions of potential customers without having to pay a dime! Whatever you do, make sure the advertisements you provide on your website are only by reputable and reliable websites; you don’t want to lose traffic because you were trying to make a quick buck off of a site that scams people!