Monetize Your Blog with Sponsored Reviews

If you’re a popular blogger or website owner you can profit by writing a few sponsored reviews on your blog or webpage. By letting your visitors and customers know about other companies’ products or services you are not only making money for yourself and the sponsor, but you are also providing your customers with information they need to decide on whether or not they want to purchase that product or service.

If you choose the products and services you review wisely and only make sure that you are “selling” or reviewing items that are worthwhile and trustworthy you can make some great profits and keep your customers coming back for more. If you start writing reviews about products and are not honest in your review, you could lose your customers and your traffic because you provided a false positive review, or you could end up losing the sponsor for writing a bad review.

If you have some advertisers that paid for space on your webpage individually, you might ask them first if they’d like you to write a sponsored review about their services or products. This cuts out the middleman and increases profits for you as well as decreases spending for your advertiser.

If you want to try using a program that pays you to write sponsored reviews about products, companies and services you should consider joining one or more of these:

  • PayPerPost
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • ReviewMe
  • BlogVertise
  • Smorty

Not all bloggers or website owners believe in selling out like this, but if you are interested in writing reviews on products, services and companies to make money you can make a lot of money. Not only can you make a per-review profit, you can also make money whenever a customer clicks through the review to purchase the product or service.

If you choose products and services offered by reliable companies and only write positive reviews when a company deserves a positive review you will not be selling out. Your viewers will likely appreciate that you took the time to review a product and often won’t know that you’re being paid for it. If you are writing positive reviews for websites or companies that don’t deserve it or are proven to be an unreliable company, you will likely lose your fan base, your traffic and your own reputation.

Making money by writing sponsored reviews is simple if you are an experienced writer or write a blog regularly. The sponsored review programs are easy to sign up. There is an option for both the sponsor and the blog owner to sign up, take work and get started right away. When you don’t use a program like PayPerPost or ReviewMe, and go off on your own to find your own advertisers you might end up not getting paid so if you want the reliability of getting paid by the advertiser you should definitely consider using a program. This way the sponsor is protected by not having to pay for a bad review and the blogger is protected by making sure they will be paid for their review.