Monetize your Website with Job Boards and Marketplaces

Two very effective methods of creating profits for your website include marketplaces and job boards. Though not used by all website owners, utilizing these tools can help you make profits by providing your website viewers with more than just advertising.

Job Boards:

Just about every popular blog is utilizing job boards to help bring in more profits. To start you will need to have a blog that is focused on a specific topic, or niche, as well as have a good amount of traffic to your site daily. The profits from a job board are passive; this means that once you have begun you won’t need to do anything else. The job listing will come on their own and you can charge anywhere from $10 to $100 for each one!

Some of the most useful job board software out there includes JobThread, Web Scribe Job Board, Jobbex, and SimplyHired Job-o-Matic. The way a job board works is by providing targeted advertisements that help companies and website viewers find the perfect fit in a job.


If you have a niche that is popular, exciting and has services or products that can be sold that are related to it, you might consider having your own marketplace on your blog or website. By having a marketplace you are giving your viewers the ability to buy, sell and trade services and products through your site.

You would then make a profit off of each sale making it easy for you to make money. You will need to have a popular and reputable website or blog to make this work because you need your customers to feel safe while selling and buying items online.

One issue with this popular tool is that there isn’t any standard software that is available on the internet. You will need to hire a professional web designer or coder in order to get the marketplace onto your website. You might want to do your research to make sure that a marketplace will work for your niche, will be successful and that your visitors will be interested in a marketplace before you spend the time and money setting one up.

Though a less popular way to profit from your website, these two tools can prove to be much more profitable than PPC and CPM combined. If you have a job board or marketplace, or both, and add PPC and CPM advertising to your site as well as utilize some of the many other possible ways to make money from your website you should be on the right track to making a ton of profits from your website.

As always, none of these techniques will work unless you put the work into your website first. It will be a waste of time, effort and money if you utilize a job board or marketplace before you have dedicated and regular traffic to your website. Ensure you’re getting all the traffic you can by using SEO, article directories as well as website directories in order to get a large amount of dedicated traffic before utilizing any tools that need traffic to succeed.