Making Money from a Website: Monetization Widgets

As the Internet continues to be an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life, opportunities to make money online from a website continue to increase as well. Though some topics are so popular as to be extremely competitive, resulting in extreme difficulty in turning a profit, other niche areas are still wide open for anyone with writing skills to make some money.

Monetization Widgets Defined

Just one way to make money from a blog or website is through the use of monetization widgets. Known by a number of other names, including web widgets, widgets, and gadgets. These small applications are relatively easy to place on a blog or website, and are automatically ready to start making money.


Most companies offer a number of options when installing a monetization widget on a website. Consider the tone, theme, and color of your current website. A website with a nature theme will not be attractive with loud, neon advertisements, so try to keep this in mind when selecting the options of the chosen widget.


Placement is also important when it comes to widgets and advertisements in general. Web widgets or ads placed at the very bottom of a page are unlikely to generate much (if any) income, while those on side bars or between blogs are much more effective. With that in mind, also avoid placing ads and widgets in the middle of text as this will result in the reader becoming annoyed and immediately leaving the site.

Paying close attention to widget placement will allow for you to make the most from them. Though it can easily be tempting to flood the main page of a website with widgets and other advertisements, this will overwhelm the viewer and ultimately result in less profit. On the other hand, placing relevant widgets in unobtrusive, yet visible, areas such as the sidebars and in between relevant blog postings will likely result in increased revenue and a bookmarked web page.

Monitor Success

Keep track of what widgets are making money and which are simply taking up precious space on the website. While some monetization widgets may work wonders for a friend’s website, it may provide no income at all for you. Just as every person is unique, every website is unique as well. Simply take this fact in stride and move on, learning what works for your website as you go.

While evaluating the success of individual monetization widgets, however, it is also important to keep in mind the potential affect of specific widget positioning and location within the website. If a widget is posted on a page that receives limited traffic, it is only logical that it will provide less income. Feel free to experiment with placing different widgets in varying locations on your website to find the best fit. As with anything else in life, practice most certainly makes perfect.