Making money with a membership website

There are numerous people creating websites every day. As of a search done recently, statistics state that there are over one hundred thousand new websites created daily. Because of the plethora of new sites being established, more and more information is being cycled and recycled through the same sources. If you possess any information that has not already made it into the information mill, and you think that putting it on a personal website might help to get your website some hits, then you are probably right. However, chances are good that of the many hits that you will get at first, a few of these will be people that will have their own website or blog in the same niche.

If this is true, then it only takes a matter of seconds before the information is copied from your site, reworded, and then incorporated into their site. Statistically, there is also a good chance that these people will have sites that ate much more popular than your own. With their already popular status, anyone searching for this new information will surely come upon their site first, thus giving them no reason to continue on to your site afterwards because they would have already gotten the information they needed from the site that stole it from you. The dissemination of information on the internet works astoundingly fast and something that was once yours to report can go around the world and back twice without you getting any recognition for having been the first to find it. Because your site was looked at less, there is bound to be less money made from ads.

However, there is another option, if you consider yourself somewhat of an expert in any particular field, or if you have access to information that others want, but can only get from you as a source then a good alternative to having a public site would be to privatize the site and charge money for membership. This could be a much more lucrative venture than simply making pennies and nickels off of advertising clicks because this would allow you to charge a flat fee that you yourself set for membership prices. There can even be tiers of membership; people that pay more can be offered more services and access to more features than lower paying members.

The only caveat with this is that most membership sites do not contain ads because the fees being paid by the members usually cover those fees. Thus, you must determine that whatever service or information you offer is worth paying money for and you must determine precisely how much it is worth. If members are not maintained, then the site will not be able to pay for itself. Membership sites often require much more responsibility than non-0membership sites, as it is more of a priority to keep people coming back and happy with services, but the compensation will be well worth the work in the end and some people can even make legitimate careers out of it.