Making Money by Clicking

Making money by clicking sounds like a scam. People figure that if everyone could make hundreds of dollars by clicking a few links on ad sites, then everyone would be doing that instead of maintaining a real job. Actually, this is true. Nobody would have a real job if they could make that much money off of just clicking links. To make that much money, there would have to be a team of at least 20 people that spent all day clicking on ads and filling out surveys. Unfortunately most people do not have that kind of man power, nor can they find others that are willing to sacrifice all of their time to make money or someone else with nothing in return. No, clicking links is not a viable career choice in the long run, but it is a fantastic way to make a few extra dollars in the short term.

There are plenty of sites out there that will pay money to have users click links and fill out forms. Ad agencies pay these companies to host ads for their products. This operation is ideally another way of getting increased exposure for these companies. By forcing users to go through entire ads, and in some cases purchase products in order to get cash return, they are increasing the chances that their ads will receive more scrutiny than an average internet user accidentally clicking a link and backing out of the page instantly.

Websites that will pay for users to view ads include hitsforpay, advercash, adverbucks, and the list just goes on and on. The amount that they pay varies. Sometimes they will pay just five cents per ad, sometimes just a single penny. Other times they will pay as much as thirty dollars or even a hundred or two hundred, but these usually require a stipulation that a user purchase a product or a subscription or a magazine using their own money. The return will still be substantial, but an ad that says it pays two hundred dollars might only net a twenty or thirty dollar profit after the user’s money is invested. This can be hard to keep track of for some people, and is recommended for only the most responsible users.

The best thing to do to utilize this method as a way of making cash is to simply fill out a few five or ten cent ads per night. This will not buy a yacht for anyone, but it will make enough extra cash to buy a nice pair of shoes at the end of the month, a luxury which most people can’t afford these days in the harsh economic times in which we live. So yes, viewing ads will not help pay for college but for some, an extra twenty or thirty dollars when the bills are due can mean a whole lot, and the more time one is willing to devote to filling out ads, the more they will be able to get in return for their work.