Make Money Writing E-Books

E-books have become increasingly popular as of late, particularly with the introduction of affordable reading devices that can literally be taken anywhere. Now, during time that would normally be wasted waiting at the license branch or the doctor’s office, anyone can read whatever they find helpful or enjoyable. With the ability to literally write an e-book for free, who wouldn’t want to tap into this business?

Find a Topic

Just as with paper books, an e-book can literally be written about absolutely anything. Consider your personal work experience, education, and hobbies. Brainstorm a list of ideas about which you have both the knowledge and expertise to write about. Some of the most popular e-books are “how-tos.”

Write the Content

If you have written college-level papers, you can write an e-book using your favorite word-processing program. You may need to first record an outline of the main points you want to be sure to address, though this is not completely necessary. Don’t worry too much about readability when writing your first draft. Rather, keep writing as long as you feel inspired.

Revise and Revise Again

Any accomplished writer is familiar with the need to repeatedly revise their content to make it perfect. Read through your writing, adjusting to ensure it flows well as necessary, and editing as needed. Request an honest reading by friends and family, and take their advice. If they are confused about one step, your other readers likely will be as well.

Finishing Touches

An e-book is made even more interesting with pictures. If possible, use your own pictures, or look for free online picture sites if necessary. Convert your document to PDF format, which makes it more difficult for others to copy your writing. There are a number of free online services to do just this.

Cover It

Just as with paper books, no e-book is complete without a cover. If you happen to be talented with graphic design, utilize those skills to your advantage. However, the rest of us will benefit from free e-book cover software that allows users to modify a cover or use it as is.

Selling It

There are as many approaches to selling and marketing e-books as there are e-books. Some websites allow for users to sell their product for free, while others require a fee. Other sellers utilize online auction websites to sell their e-book, or even start a new website specifically for this purpose.

Marketing It

Marketing your e-book could actually take more time than it actually took to write it, depending on how much time you devote to getting the word out about it. A common marketing tactic, used particularly often by car manufacturers, is to build up anticipation about an upcoming product. Post on relevant forums, develop a homepage, and use social networking to your advantage.

Announce the release of the e-book with these methods, certain that you produced a quality product. As word begins to spread online about the helpfulness of the e-book, the income will continue to come in.