Make Money with Your Own Search Engine

We use search engines everyday. Wondering what to name your unborn baby? Search for baby names. Looking for a local handyman? Search away. How about the cheapest way to fix a leaky faucet? Do you see a trend? With searches occurring every second of every day, some people are finding that this is one essential part of daily life that can actually be lucrative.

Making the Impossible Possible

While competing with the best and most highly used search engines is out of the question, designing and making money from a niche-based search engine is not. For example, someone that is into designing and building motorcycles should consider a search engine just for that need.

The Big Search Engines

Some of the biggest search engines actually offer other websites the ability to add a custom search to their site. A custom search engine may essentially be as tailored as you want it to be, with the option to add only specified websites as possible search results. The look and feel of your website may easily be added to the results page, enhancing the experience of searching on your website rather than one of the huge ones.

There are a surprising number of options available when adding a custom search field to your personal or business website. Friend and trusted users may be invited to add sites with relevant content to the potential search results, and money is generally made from the advertisements or sponsored listings.

Making Your Own Engine

Designing and implementing your own search engine is recommended only for those with extensive experience in computer programming, as this can not only be confusing but time consuming as well. Algorithms may be obtained online, and advertisements may be added over time. Though this is without doubt the more time consuming option, it is also potentially the more lucrative option as all income will go directly to your pocket.

An Additional Benefit

Another benefit of having a niche search engine on your website is the ability for users to select to search exclusively for relevant content on your website. This keeps the user on your website and increases the likelihood that they will do something to help you make even more money from their visit.

Whatever your reasons for adding a search engine to your website, it will undoubtedly make at least a little more income. By aiming it towards a relevant niche, you too might benefit from the current (and future) frenzy of online searching.