Make Money from Your Pictures

In the past, amateur photographers were limited to peddling their pictures to friends and family, with perhaps the occasional craft or farmer’s market to add their products to. Fortunately, the popularity of the Internet has brought about another market for all photographers who are looking to make some money off of their hobby (or even profession).

Printed Pictures

It may seem that everything today is digital, but people still need art for their homes. Take advantage of this need and print out pictures from a quality photo printer. Upload them, framed or unframed, to websites specializing in selling art items. Some enterprising individuals even print their pictures onto actual art canvas and sell this online, turning a significant profit.

Before and After Pictures

Ever look at an old family farm picture and wonder what that same house looks like today? This is not an uncommon thought. Take advantage of the changes that have come about in the last century by finding the location and taking a picture of it from the same vantage point. (This will only work if the building is still standing- no one wants to see that where a lovely home once stood is now an ugly station.) Sell the two pictures together, digital or printed, and you have one interesting picture set.

Post on Microstock Sites

Microstock websites are basically sites that allow for amateur photographers to post their pictures to sell. The theory behind these websites is that in contrast to traditional photography stocking companies, the same picture may sell to multiple buyers if the price is low. Most people who purchase these pictures use them while building a website, for particular blog postings, and other relatively minor publications that cannot afford the cost of a professional photographer.


Since in many cases you will be competing with photographers who have advanced equipment, it is in your best interest to invest in a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera. This will reduce all of the “noise” inherent in a photo with minimal effort, while providing a plethora of options to ensure the perfect photo is taken. Indoor photos will require the perfect amount of lighting, so most amateur photographers choose to take their pictures outside if possible.


The actual amount of money that may be made from microstocking photographs varies. Generally the first two or three months result in minimal income. Some photographers can expect an average of $1 per year per photo, while others report making $14 per year. To optimize this income, post only the best quality pictures and post them on multiple microstock websites. Naturally, the more photographs available for purchase, the more money may be made.

Selling photographs in a variety of methods online may be both lucrative and enjoyable. Anyone who loves to take pictures and has the dedication to make this into a real business opportunity will love the flexibility of making money from photography.