Make Money at Home through Freelance Writing

Many people consider themselves to be good writers, but few have what it takes to be a full-time freelance writer. However, with hard work, dedication, and some impressive writing skills, this just could be the career path for you.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is something that everyone has heard of at one point, but few people actually understand what it really is. Essentially, a freelance writer is someone that is legally considered self-employed, working from home and writing on their own schedule. Every freelance writer has some clients, or even just one client, that purchases their writing when it is complete, allowing them to make their living.

Is Freelance Writing for Me?

Few freelance writers have less than a college education. However, a select few that excelled in their high school English classes have learned to be successful in this field. Naturally, excellent written language skills are a must to be a freelance writer. Anyone that chooses this career path must be self-motivated and disciplined to work even when the home environment is a mess, as there will be days when the house is a wreck, but deadlines must still be met.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

Benefits of freelance writers are much different than those of traditional employment. Anyone with a family life that requires working outside the typical 8-to-5 hours would appreciate the ability to work whatever hours they wanted. With no time required to commute to work, freelance writers have more time to enjoy their families and care for loved ones if needed.

How Do I Get Started?

The most difficult part of freelance writing is in getting started in the field. While some individuals have the luxury of depending on a spouse’s income while getting their new career started, this is unfortunately not the case for most of us. With this in mind, it is generally a good idea to maintain current employment while beginning in this field.

Online freelance websites work similarly to auction websites. An employer posts what writing is needed on the website, and a writer submits a bid for the work. Along with the bid, information as to why an employer should choose them is sent, including education, writing experience, and links to any works available online.

Initially payment for writing will be relatively low, but as more feedback is obtained, employers with more money and thus higher standards will begin accepting bids. Eventually many writers build up the confidence to begin submitting articles to magazines, or open up their own website to make additional money.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks?

One major drawback of freelance writing is that income generally varies from week to week, with employers paying at different times. Initially writers generally write about whatever is offered to them, only later having the opportunity to write about what they actually find interesting. However, when comparing the drawbacks to the benefits, the benefits generally win hands down.

For anyone who loves to writer, freelance writing may be just the right alternative to a boring, dead-end job. With every day offering different challenges, this is one career for anyone who loves new things.