Make Money as a Job Referrer

In recent years, the average unemployment rate has hovered around 10%. This means that for every ten people you know, one of them is unemployed. Thus, anyone that knows a large number of people will also know a number of individuals that are unemployed. Why not help your friends find a job, while helping yourself as well?

What Does a Job Referrer Do?

A job referrer essentially acts as a link between someone looking for a job and companies that are currently hiring. Also referred to as an independent employment consultant, a job referrer may do almost all of the work in connecting the two parties, or simply enter in an e-mail address to refer a friend to a particular job.

How Does It Work?

Basically, companies that are looking for highly skilled individuals post their open position on a particular website, along with a specified referral reward. A job referrer comes across a particular opportunity and refers it to a friend. If this friend accepts an offer for this position, the job referrer then receives the referral reward, whatever it may be.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

The actual amount of money that may be made from any accepted job offer depends on a few factors. If the position is for a high-ranking company executive position, the reward is likely to be much higher than for an entry-level position. The actual referral website also has a good deal to do with this as well, since some websites offer reward points rather than actual cash.

Websites that do permit employers to offer cash often provide additional options as well. One in particular encourages referrers to donate their earning(s) to one of a list of charities, while others route payment through an online payment service.

Will My Friends Agree?

No one likes to see forwarded junk that is of no interest in their e-mail box, or listen to seemingly random voicemails on their phone. With this in mind, always obtain the permission of a friend or contact to send them job openings you believe may be of interest to them.

Some websites require additional work from job referrers, such as sending the applicant’s resume and contact information to the company. This can be a sensitive area for some people, so tread lightly so as not to risk any friendship trouble.

Individuals with a hopping social life just may be able to benefit financially from their friendliness. With permission from friends and the right contacts, you too may find this a rewarding endeavor!