Making Money from a Website: Job Boards

The Internet is flooded with advice on how to make easy money online. From banner advertising to monetization widgets, everyone seems to have advice on the hottest new trend to make the most money possible. Amidst the rabble and ramblings are the real opportunities, offering real people a reasonable amount of income without any scamming or trickery.

The Easier Method

There are two primary methods of hosting a job board on an already existing website, the first of which is to take advantage of existing companies with job postings. These companies offer owners of already existing websites to make even more profit from their endeavor. A job board may be hosted on your domain, with all of the updating (eventually) done automatically.

Payment is generally arranged on a pay-per-click basis, making it a good idea to set up parameters limiting job posting results to positions relevant to visitors of your website. For example, an informational website about financial issues would best fit with a job board targeted towards financial professionals.

The Alternative

An alternative method of hosting a job board on a website is to utilize a free widget or job board software program to manage the job listings. This allows you to set your own prices for advertising jobs on your (specialized) website. Some website/ job board owners may request payments based on clicks on the corresponding link, others will charge a specified fee for a posting for a month or so.

For more advanced website owners, there are more advanced job board software programs available for purchase. Many are pre-populated with thousands of job listings, while others will require marketing to obtain job listings. This option still allows for focusing on a specific population of job seekers, with per-click payments ranging anywhere from $0.05 to $0.60 depending on the listing.


Before even considering the addition of a job board to your website, be sure that you are prepared for this step. Though website owners with relatively little traffic have successfully opened job boards on their website, this is not only not recommended, but also difficult to do. Few job board companies or companies looking to advertise positions will invest money in something that has not yet proven successful.

Potential Income

While it is true that some individuals have been able to generate a good deal of income from posting a job board on their website(s), these are generally on already established websites with a large following. Job boards should not be expected to provide a huge amount of income, but can offer a valuable service to web surfers. This is especially the case for community-based websites.

Job boards can certainly offer website viewers an additional motivation to visit a website, and therefore should be considered for this value by website owners. By limiting job listings to those relevant to the rest of the website, traffic can be increased in addition to some extra income.