Making Money from a Website: Information Websites

As the Internet continues to expand, more individuals are relying on it as their primary source of information. From local news headlines to the proper time to plant bulbs, the information is there- and if it isn’t, it will be soon. This is where you can step in and share information about something you are passionate about- while making money!

Pick a Topic

There is widespread disagreement as to whether you should devote your time to developing an information website about something you love, or about a topic that is sure to make money. This is simply a decision you will have to make yourself. If your dream job is to be able to work from home and write about your passion for gardening (for example), then start a gardening website.

However, if your sole motivator is money, then perhaps it would be in your best interest to write about whatever topic can make you the most money. The problem with this approach is the possibility for burn-out. Do you really see yourself writing about something you are not at all interested in (say, carborators or high heel shoes) for the next five years?

When selecting a topic, keep in mind that it needs to be specific and fill a particular niche. While gardening is really too broad of a topic, organic gardening in the Midwest is much more likely to draw traffic from searchers since there will be less competition. Consider checking out a keyword tool to see how much competition certain keywords may have, as well as how frequently they are searched for.

Purchase a Domain

Though there are some websites out there that offer free hosting, you will likely have more traffic (and therefore more money) by purchasing a specialized domain name. Make it relevant to your topic and easy to remember. Once you have a name in mind, enter it into the search bar to see if anyone else has already purchased it. If not, you are in luck!

Getting Ready

Install a content-management system onto your website. Many are free to download and install, with an easy-to-use interface requiring relatively minimal computer skills. If you happen to be handy with coding, however, this will make your website even more attractive. Computer engineering students will often pull out all the stops in designing a new website, being starved for both money and marketable experience.

Ready, Set, Write

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your website, it’s time to have some fun! Begin writing about whatever topics come to mind in relation to your overall topic, writing in an informative yet informational way. Blog postings may be from 150-250 words, while articles are often around 500 words. For articles, adding some paragraph headers is a great way to allow readers to skim the article quickly and find exactly what they are looking for.

Regardless of what topic you personally choose to design a website around, be realistic in your expectations. It takes time to build up regular traffic, as well as to write enough material to keep web surfers interested. With some hard work and dedication, anyone can look forward to increased earnings from designing an information website.