How to Sign Up for Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

If you want to provide your website visitors with relevant products and the possibility of purchasing items through your website; you should sign up for many affiliate programs. One of the best and most reliable is the affiliate program through called Amazon Associates. It’s very simple to apply and they approve their new clients very quickly.

The first thing you will do is go to the main webpage, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Amazon Associates. If you already have an account you can use that account to sign in, or you can sign up for a new account.

The information they need to create a new account includes your full name, email address, a new password, your mailing address and phone number. After you’ve signed up you get to choose from the many different options available to website owners.

Whether you have your own products in an store, if you want to provide product to your customers that are relevant to your topic or if you want to choose a widget that allows you to choose the products you advertise you can do any or all of them! If you have the extra time, you are more likely to make sales through this affiliate program if you choose the option to choose your own products and rate the products as well as let your website visitors know why they should purchase the items.

This will give your affiliate program a more personal appeal and will make your website visitors more comfortable purchasing through your site. Through Amazon’s affiliate program you can make up to 15% profit off of every item sold when a visitor from your website clicks on the advertisement on your webpage and then completes a purchase through that link.

There are three different payment options given to affiliates of Amazon Associates. You can choose to get your payments on an gift card, get your money direct deposited to your bank account, or get a paper check sent to you in the mail. The first two options only need $10 to withdraw your money, but the latter, a paper check; you have to have $100 added up and pay a $15 processing fee for each check.

Whichever way you choose to get paid, Amazon Associates is a great program to join. You will need to enter your payment information before you can get paid, but this is not necessary to be approved. From the time you apply, by entering your website name, URL, a quick description about your site, why you want to join, where you heard about the site and a few other quick questions, you will be taken to a “thank you” page. Within about 3 days you will get another email to the email address you gave them saying whether or not you are approved. It is rather simple to be approved, even if your site isn’t very popular or has just been opened and you haven’t really begun to do anything yet, it’s best to sign up for your affiliate programs early so that they will be ready for you to use when you are.