Hosting A Website

Hosting a website is termed as web hosting. When you are done with designing your website, you need to host your website. Web hosting is publishing your website on the World Wide Web. There are many websites which give you a detailed overview of what is hosting, kinds of web hosts and how to choose the best host for your website.

There are numerous web hosting companies to choose from so select very carefully.  The web hosting price ranges from company to company. There are also several web hosting companies that provide this service for free.

There are primarily two types of hosts. One that provides you free web hosting services and the other that charges you for hosting your website. A web hosting company lets out disk space and provides all services vital to allow others to see your website online. A web host operates 24×7 so that your website is accessible to anybody across the world at any given point of time.

Types of web hosts                          

There are various web hosting companies to choose from. Do thorough research before you zero in on any web hosting company. There are a lot of websites that provide free web hosting services but beware – sometimes when you pay nothing you end up getting nothing. Free hosts may pose some restriction in terms of content. Free web hosting companies come up every day so it is really difficult to judge the reliability of the company. Free web hosting companies are good for dummy websites where you want to get a feel of the whole game of web hosting. For the paid web hosting services you have a varied price range. The price range can vary from as low as $2 to $60. You can count on some low priced hosts for a reliable service and stable environment that hosts your website for years to come. Usually the more you pay the more you get. High price hosting may mean more storage space, more bandwidth to tackle large traffic and more services in terms of databases, email accounts etc.

How to choose an apt web host?

When you are out searching for a host for your website, you will realize that there are thousands of host providers. In such cases entrusting your website to the most appropriate host is a difficult task. Different web sites would need different web hosting services. There are some benchmarks that help you decide on a reliable host for your website. Let us write down exactly what to look for while choosing a web host.

First things first; Zero in on your requirements or expectations from a web host. If you are serious about your web site then you need to have a reliable host. And if the website is for your personal use then a free host would also work.

Find out about the amount of web space you need and what the hosting company has to offer.

Pick up the right type of hosting package. There are two types of web hosting packages – shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. If you have a small website where you do not need enormous disk space, shared hosting is a good idea, as you would end up paying less. In shared hosting you share the server space with other web site owners. Dedicated hosting is when you hire the entire server space. The server space is not shared by anyone, hence giving you full control over managing the server.