Getting paid to take surveys

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that it is a big world out there. There are new products, new inventions and doo-dads being invented every day. And for each of these products it is necessary to get some feedback. This is so that the makers of the product know where flaws need to be fixed, and where small improvements could be made to greatly increase interest. There are plenty of websites out there that actually pay users to order their newest products and beta test them so to speak. Most users are not required to be experienced at using the product, nor are they required to be professional reviewers. On the contrary, these organizations are actually happy to hire out people that are less familiar with their products or the types of products they create.

This way they will be able to gauge how user friendly they are and how easily the average person can pick one out and use it, whatever the product may be. While a video game that was made for hardcore computer programmers can be fun and interesting, if they hope to make a decent amount of money off of it, the game must pander towards as many demographics as possible. This means dumbing down some areas so that it can be universally appealing without losing the novelty. Problems understanding, problems using products, or being poorly made or put together, these are the things that reviewers are paid to find, and this means that even a regular person that happens to have an internet connection can join in on the testing. It may take a down payment to order the product or it may come free.

Sometimes all they require the reviewer to pay is for the shipping or sometimes they require neither. Sometimes they don’t even pay, but let the reviewer keep the product. While not financially lucrative, this can be a nice sidetrack, especially if it is a really cool product. All it takes to find a business like this is to do some quick googling.

Just like with physical products, websites need testing too. Sometimes web developers have been spending so long looking at their page that they need to have someone look at it for them and critique whatever problems come with it. They have been dealing with it so long that it is hard for them to see the big picture like someone might with totally fresh eyes. This is where the average Joe comes in. With only internet access as well as a free membership to a survey website (which aren’t hard to find on the internet at all by googling a phrase like “get paid to take surveys”), all it takes is a little investment of time, and energy. Review a website, see what they have to offer, critique it, all in a few short sentences, all in about 15 minutes, and make around 5 dollars per survey. Because this is a pretty large amount for a single survey, most sites will put a limit on how many surveys a user can take per day, but multiple memberships to multiple sites is not illegal, and there is no way another site could know about it, so this can be a very viable source of extra income, although not very intellectually stimulating.