Get Paid For Your Designing Skills

What would you say if you were told that there are sites that enable you to earn a passive income? You can actually work once and then earn from this for almost a lifetime.

If you have a creative streak in you and can take great photographs, then this space is meant just for you. If you can design awesome templates, then this space is for you too.

Modus operandi of creative revenue sites:

There are sites where you can upload templates, photos and so on. Your first step is to register on the websites, then post registration, you can upload the images / designs / photos and so on. You would state a price for them as and when there is a potential buyer.  If the deal strikes in a positive, and you and the potential buyer agree on the image and price, then the deal gets materialized. The website on which the deal takes place would take a small portion of the money as their fee.

Payment method:

The images and videos that are on these sites are royalty free. There are two types of purchases that usually take place on these sites: Either the purchaser can buy outright whereby after them, no one else can again use the images / designs. The second method is they pay for usage, but don’t commit to an outright purchase so other people / agencies can also use the same images / designs.

Who would buy your designs?

The good part for the potential client is that the images are royalty free. This means that the buyer pays just once.  People who would be interested in these sites would be design houses, advertising agencies, freelance designers, artists, book designers, print medium and people who would look at images for their audio / video compilations.

What you require to do:

As a first step, decide if this space and this kind of work is really for you. While they are called passive earning sites, in reality, there is lots of work and understanding that you need to have. Perhaps for lack of better words, they are popularly known as passive income sites. It is just a way of saying passive income. If you want your chances to be higher in being seen by the visitors at one level, you need to upload very good designs and at another level, you need to keep on uploading new designs. Remember, there will be lots and lots of designs.

For you to earn, you need to create a high probability for visitors to view your particular designs. Add to this the fact that your competitor is not only within these sites but outside as well. The quality of your work needs to be of an extremely good standard if you are looking to price your output and earn a good amount of money. You need to know how the agencies look at images and designs and what kind of work they opt in for.  Many a times, the site itself binds you with what you upload. You are not allowed to put / upload the same images / designs on other similar / not similar sites. In other words, the site would like to have exclusivity of your work.

So, go on and exhibit your creativity.