Cookie Cutter Web Sites

Making money on the Internet with your own web site is not a get quick rich scheme. It takes time, effort, resources and money to create and maintain a profitable web site.

With the millions of web sites out there, there are tons of what we call “cookie cutter web sites”. These are web sites that all look the same and are designed to sell a product, service or some type of matrix or MLM scheme.

They will either charge you a one-time fee for the web site or a monthly fee to host the site. The advertising is up to you. These simply do not work very well because everyone that signs up has the same site. The meta tags are all the same and the content is all the same.

You will end up spinning your wheels, spending time and money advertising the site, trying to get other people to sign up to try and make a small commission. The only people that really make any money from these types of sites are the top dogs, the ones that started the site in the first place.

You also need to beware that with some of these type of web sites, the originator will sometime hijack your affiliate ID when the site you are promoting makes a sell. You have to remember that they are the ones in control. They control the matrix, the down lines, the software, and the whole works.

Anytime you see a program or promotion that looks and sounds too good to be true, do a little research on the internet and see what is being commented about that particular program, product, service or web site. Then make a decision if it is a valid offer or program.

Another point is if you have the time and money, mainly money, you can google “1 up scripts” or “2 up scripts” and you will find a few site developers that will sell you the scripts for these MLM or matrix type programs. It is rather expensive; a good script could run you a couple of thousand dollars.

You would then need to get your own server or a very good hosting service that can handle this type of programming and volume of traffic that you are trying to generate.

Running this type of program yourself could be quite profitable but will also lead your site up for a lot of scrutiny, complaints from people that aren’t making any money with your program or even threats or possible shut down from the FCC or other law enforcement agencies.

You could also run into problems with your payment processor. PayPal is the leading payment processor on the Internet today, and they are starting to tighten up their security on these types of programs and web site.

Whatever choice you make –

Joining one of those money making programs or setting up your own web site, be sure and check out all the legal resources that you can find. Be sure that what you are participating in is legal and will not get you into trouble or possibly lose you a lot of money.