Useful Tips for Choosing a Topic before Article Writing:

With a large number of websites coming up on the Internet on a daily basis, providing unique and interesting content to the users of such websites has become a challenge. With this kind of demand, the online content writing industry is rapidly growing, with more and more people getting into it – some for fun, some as a hobby, some to gain recognition for their writing skills, and most, to earn some serious money. However, even within this largely dynamic industry with varying demands, there are some guidelines that need to be followed, especially when it comes to writing articles.

Factors to consider:

The article that you are writing needs to provide an in-depth knowledge or analysis of the topic that you have chosen, and that can only happen when you are clear about the topic itself. Therefore, when choosing a topic for article writing, make sure you keep the following in mind:

1.      Narrow down – If you have a very vague topic, or a topic that covers an issue largely from the surface, then nobody will be motivated to read your article. The only way you can make your article seem different from the others is when you have a specific point mentioned in detail in your article. Hence, narrow down your topic to an interesting aspect or angle that the readers would want to know more about.

2.      Check out popularity levels – Google Adwords and Keywords tools and other such mechanisms help you to find out which keywords are used more or searched by people in the world, or in your specific region. Try and include these keywords in your topic, so that your article has more chances of being read. The higher the count of the keyword, the more popular the topic is.

3.      Personal motivation – If you don’t have the curiosity to research on a particular topic and then write an article on it, then chances are that your article will turn out to be vague, as you’d begin to lose interest in the middle of writing it. Therefore, make sure that the topic you choose has some personal motivation from your side, in order to help you write a better piece.

Once you know the theme or topic of your article, and are ready to begin writing on it, make sure that you do not compromise on research at any cost. The more research you do, the more information you’ll be able to include in your article, thereby making it interesting to read.

You title should happen to be such that it is catchy, and that it gives an idea of what the article has in it. If you have a title completely different from what is the content ofyour article, then the reader will be very disappointed, and will probably not want to read the rest of your articles too.

Of course, it goes without saying that proper presentation matters a lot, so make the article interactive, easy to read and comprehensive, with proper grammar and formatting.