How To Earn From Blogging

There are many online platforms where you can earn money. One of them is to have a blog. There are a couple of blogging platforms that enable you to have your own blog free of cost.

What to blog?

Your first step is to determine what exactly you will blog about. You need a topic that has a potential to escalate and that which will enable you to have various sub topics. It should be vast in depth. This does not mean that you blog about too many topics. It’s best to blog about things that you understand and are passionate about. The reason being that in tough and stressful times it is your passion that will keep you going.

How often to blog?

Ideally if you can make one post a day on daily basis it would be great. However if this is not feasible then at least four posts in a week should be fine.


Once you have decided on the topic you need to do a quick key word research and get a fix on which will be your potential keywords. This is the most crucial matter. This will finally be the deciding factor on your target audience flocking to your blog. Apart from this, fresh and relevant content is also very important.

How will you earn?

Your earnings would be via banner ads, Google AdSense, sponsored reviews and affiliate banners posted / placed onto your blog. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  • Banner ads: These are ads given to you by advertising networks. You could earn from a cost per click method or a cost per impression method. If your blog has extremely high traffic then advertisers will be happy to give you the cost per impression method of earning. If your blog does not have a good traffic then you will need to agree to cost per click.
  • Google AdSense: This is the easiest method of plug and play. Your earnings will be dependent on the clicks that you generate. The method Google uses is pay per click.
  • Affiliate Sales: You can connect with companies that are related to the topics you write about on your blog. They will pay you for achieving certain pre-decided goals like driving traffic to their sites, or generating sales and so on. They would pay either a fixed or a variable price. They could also reward you via gifts, discounts and sweepstakes.
  • Sponsored reviews: Companies are on look out for people to post reviews about their products and services. Here the earning is good per review. Remember to give honest reviews; neither too much praise nor too critical.

Important to note:

You should not copy and paste from other blogs. This is seen as content theft, popularly known as plagiarism in the online world. People can check this very easily and you can lose on credibility.  For the cost per click method avoid clicking the ads in the hope of generating more income. Technology will catch you and you can get banned.

Simple rules to remember: Just keep blogging using keywords sparingly. Many times you will get the feeling that you are alone. Don’t worry. Don’t give up. If your content is good people will come.